Carry the message

We sit in AA meetings and listen, not only to receive something ourselves, but to give the reassurance and support which our presence can bring. If our turn comes to speak at a meeting, we again try to carry AA’s message. Whether our audience is one or many, it is still Twelfth Step work.

There are many opportunities even for those of us who feel unable to speak at meetings or who are so situated that we cannot do much face- to-face Twelfth Step work.
We can be the ones who take on the unspectacular but important tasks that make good Twelfth Step work possible, perhaps arranging for the coffee and cake after the meetings, where so many skeptical, suspicious newcomers have found confidence and comfort in the laughter and talk.

This is Twelfth Step work in the very best sense of the word. ‘Freely ye have received; freely give…’ is the core of this part of Step Twelve.”

(Twelve and Twelve, Step Twelve, pg. 110)



I’m Pam, an alcoholic. I have seen how easy it is to want to push things into how we think it should be. Patience was never one of my best attributes, especially when life tries to overwhelm. I see how it tries to rob me of any joy, and then has a domino effect.

The difference today as I see it is to see where I need to accept what I can work with today and leave the rest for another day. Willingness has been a big a huge part of my spiritual experience and the awakening for me is that nothing lasts … not even our suffering … and patience renews my faith again.

And all I have to do to maintain it is to take time to breathe in and breathe out, thank God. Thanks for letting me share.