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“The group I joined saved my life … For an hour, I was safe. For an hour, I had a haven among those whose fear had once been as great as my own. I did not give my fear away – they took it. They eased it from my grasp with hugs and laughter, with shared experience.”

“The Scariest Thing,” Carlsbad, Calif., June 2006
Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier

A precious life

one life

Results may vary

I have found rooms full of wonderful people, and for me each and every one of the Big Book’s promises have come true.
The things I have learned from my own experience, from the Big Book, and from my friends in AA…

— patience, acceptance, honesty, humility, and true faith in a Power greater than myself are the tools I use today to live my life, this precious life.
– Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 475

Who’s will

We have seen A.A.’s ask with much earnestness and faith for God’s explicit guidance on matters ranging all the way from a shattering domestic or financial crisis to a minor personal fault, like tardiness.

A man who tries to run his life rigidly by this kind of prayer, by this self-serving demand of God for replies,

is a particularly disconcerting individual. To any questioning or criticism of his actions, he instantly proffers his reliance upon prayer for guidance in all matters great or small.

He may have forgotten the possibility that his own wishful thinking and the human tendency to rationalize have distorted his so-called guidance. With the best of intentions, he tends to force his will into all sorts of situations and problems with the¬†comfortable assurance that he is acting under God’s specific direction.

12 & 12, pp. 103-104

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